1. Use care when pulling onto your site, watch your turning radius when entering and leaving your site. The weight of your mobile unit and tow vehicle will cause damage to park property if you are not centered on the hard surface of your campsite.
2. Quiet hours are from 10 PM to 7 AM. Keep your radio, TV and stereo volume low, so fellow campers are not disturbed.
3. According to the Indiana Board of Health regulations, the dumping of any waste waters onto the ground is not permitted. Use the dump station.
4. Do not move picnic tables from campsite.
5. Trash shall be tied in plastic bags and disposed of only in the trash dumpster by the office.
6. Fire rings are not provided. The use of your own ABOVE GROUND fire ring is allowed if placed on your pad so the grass is not burned. All fires must be extinguished when unattended. All ashes are to be placed in the community fire pit. You will be charged for any damage to park property.
7. Fires are allowed at the community fire pit. All fires must be extinguished when unattended. DO NOT burn a large fire. Any misuse may result in park expulsion.
8. Wood must be purchased at the office. No outside firewood is permitted.
9. Smoking is prohibited in all public areas.
10. No washing of cars, trucks, campers or RVs on your site without a permit from the office. A fee does apply. No RV detailing or outside vendors without prior permission.
11. The use of private Wi-Fi and/or mobile Wi-Fi systems (Mi-Fi) is permitted in the park as long as your system is set to channel 11 and encrypted so as not to interfere with the park system.
12. Restrooms are for personal hygiene only. No dishwashing or laundry washing will be permitted. Please leave restroom neat and clean.
13. Drug use or public intoxication is not permitted. Alcoholic beverages shall be used only at your campsite. No drinking is permitted in the public buildings.
14. All weapons are strictly prohibited, including but not limited to firearms, BB guns, bows & arrows, etc.
15. No fireworks are permitted.
16. The use of chainsaws is prohibited. No trenching or digging is permitted.
17. Abuse of or damage to trees, wildlife, domestic animals, farm animals, campsites or any other campground property will be cause for eviction. Damages will be charged.